Top Tips to Keep Apartments for Rent Boise Idaho Good Smelling

Apartments are closed units and more likely to develop some sort of bad odor with the passage of time. The reasons are numerous and one reason of bad smell in an apartment cannot be given to another apartment as the living style, number of inhabitants, ventilation, direction of windows, amount of furniture, cleaning frequency and many other factors play key role in creating certain sort of smells in an apartment. Sometimes these smells get heavy and unpleasant. No matter how much you try, they do not escape your home. To start with the process of cleaning your entire apartment environment from the unpleasant odors is to open the windows. Even if you are in winter and weather is cold, leave the windows open during the day for a while. The Boise Idaho apartments have good large windows that can help you let the bad air of the interior escape out while some fresh air from outside enter in.

Shampooing the rugs on the floor if it is been in use since a while is supportive. Scrub the floor once a week or every three days with some good cleaning products. Any strong smelling and spiced food like fish, pickle, curry, kebabs and other similar dishes need extra ventilation while you cook and serve. Manage your schedule of cooking and eating at a time when you can ventilate your apartments in Boise Idaho. After you finish eating, remove all the used pots, plates and dishes immediately and wash them absolutely clean. Table cover also needs thorough cleaning because the left over particles of food exude smell while you do not even notice.

Used socks and shoes are a major source of unpleasant odor in the apartments. You need to take notice of the family members’ habits of taking off their socks and shoes. You can put some simple rules at home for this purpose especially. Make a shoe rack that can be placed under the shade in your small balcony where all the shoes can be placed. In the open area the smell gets melted in the air and does not get trapped in the apartment. Socks should be worn for one day only. Every family member must have enough supply of socks that suffices him throughout the time until you do the laundry.

There are scented lamps in which you can put your favorite smell and light them for about twenty minutes every day inside the apartments for rent boise Idaho. This is an excellent way to keep your home interior smelling lovely but do not depend on lighting your scented lamp only while you neglect the regular scrubbing and cleaning of your apartment. If you leave there any source of bad odor bad in your home and lit the scented lamp, the mixing of bad and good smell creates a very unpleasant environment. First you ventilate your home, clean all the bad smelling objects at home and then use the scented lamp or any other indoor refreshing source like scented sticks.