How to Train Your Puppy in Boise Idaho Apartments

Boise Idaho

Are you wondering how you can train your young puppy in the apartment? The thoughts and fears storm your mind at once and you see that you cannot handle training a puppy in your apartment. There is no garden; to where will you rush with your puppy at the time of emergency? You cannot have a doggie door as well that can help your puppy run out at any time she wants. Since you are determinant to have a puppy, get one at quite a young age. These small aged puppies are easy to train even if you are living in apartments for rent boise idaho. Often pure breed dogs are easier to train as they have certain personality traits which are not altered because of mixing of blood. But it is not necessary that you get a puppy only if it is pure breed. Mostly, the matter of good training depends on your own tactics and persistence.

The first thing you do make a regular time table for the feeding of your puppy. If she eats at fixed times, her digestive system also gets regular and you can easily find out at what time you need to take her out for a purposeful walk. Since you are living in an apartment, do not give her the freedom to play all over the home freely. In this way you cannot observe her full time and notice the changes of her behavior that can show if she is hungry, thirsty or wants to go out for her time. Put a makeshift barrier between her place and the rest of the house. Use a dog or child gate as that barrier. Boise Idaho apartments have a good floor-plan where you can easily find a good corner or alcove for your puppy.

When you take out your puppy, do not change the place each time. Taking her to the same spot where she did the previous day is a sign form you that you want her to do the same act that she did before. Keep this spot away from the gardens and flower beds as the dog pee is killing for the plants. Each time your puppy listens to your command and responds to it positively, reward her with anything she likes. It can be a good dog biscuit or a donut but must be something that she gets after having shown obedience so that she can associate the gift to her good behavior. In the start of your training while living in cheap apartments in boise you need to take out your puppy quite frequently which may be more than two times a day. This can keep her alert and you can avoid cleaning and washing your place every now and then.

With these right trips keep your behavior positive with her because dogs love their master more and listen to him more if he is kind and generous with them. You can exchange your fears and concerns with other experienced dog owners about puppy training to get most tested and successful tips.